7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application

(While this articles talks about MS-Access VBA, the same points also apply to Excel VBA) –rjm

Welcome to the world of Microsoft Access Database VBA programming which VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications (the application being of course a Microsoft Access) and is the technology; languages used to program and automate your database application

It’s not exclusive to Access but it can and is available with other Microsoft Office applications too including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook to name a few!

Access VBA has the power to communicate with other applications beyond the Microsoft Office product range and can talk to other Window applications and across other platforms too.

So, learning the principles of VBA using Access as the tool will stand you in good stead for the other applications should you wish to program and code with them in the future.

The only difference between other applications when wanting to use VBA will simply be learning to load and work with different libraries and calling classes.

I have listed 7 reasons why you would use Microsoft Access VBA programming in your database and are as follows:

1) Manage smaller re-usable procedures (globally) keeping code easy to edit and maintain emulating the business workflows.
2) Allows you to create your own user defined functions which return values as if they were pre-build in Microsoft Access.
3) Hold variables in memory (locally and globally) which speeds up your routines and passes values between different processes with ease.
4) Easily attach code to an event i.e. a button on a form or automatically trigger itself via an event.
5) Manage more powerful procedures that Microsoft Access macros lack or is limited by.
6) Communicate with other applications and platforms increasing the seamless power of Access VBA.
7) Gracefully handle errors (when they happen) and will happen from time to time allowing you flow and manage unexpected exceptions.
You do not need to be an Access programmer to learn VBA (but it helps if you have some knowledge). The more important factor in order to successfully program with Access is to be knowledgeable within the framework of Microsoft Access generally (namely tables, queries, forms, reports and macros) and know its powerful features to identify where VBA should take over and improve the functionality.

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Edited by Rich Moyer

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