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Detox Diet

There are detox books, detox videos, detox shows and detox “bestsellers.” There are detox everything-you-can-get-your-hands-on if you are looking for them. A Detox Diet is like the next best thing in today’s world. And to think that we didn’t know of this ten years ago! Any bozo off of the street can echo something someone […]

Healthy Eating Habits For Vegetarians

The vegetarian way of eating can be a very healthy style of eating. The guidelines are the same as with a non-vegetarian diet, but one should always try to vary and moderate their food intake. Meat in any form is stricltly eliminated from vegetarians’ diets. Often, the different classifications of vegetarians are based on which […]

Diabetix for Diabetics

Breakthrough for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics Diabetics must be careful of what they take due to the effects many supplements may have on insulin levels. Diabetix is a patented, all-natural supplement, clinically tested and proven to lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetics. Diabetix can help with pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Hyperglycemia, sugar/glucose control.   […]

Healthy Food Shopping Tips

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Healthy Meal Ideas – LeeLee's Meal Diary

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Video Rating: 4 / 5  

Nutrition and Exercise Tips For Kids

With childhood obesity rates on the rise, most parents are eager to promote exercise and nutrition for their children. In fact, childhood obesity is the number one health concern among American parents. Healthcare professionals recommend that kids get at least sixty minutes of exercise every day. That can be one of the first challenges to […]

The Best Diet Program

There are tons of weight loss programs, and all sorts of dieting products on the internet.  But how do you know which ones are really good? If you’re looking for the best diet program to use, and the best one that will work for you, then I’m about to go over some of the best […]

The No.1 Food on the Planet

The Avocado Some of the discussions to this video post on YouTube are interesting: There are thousands of varieties of avocado! gaura it tastes great if you mash it up with condensed milk then put it in the freezer for some time.. it’s like home made avocado ice cream..:) bmdln183 No one ever built health […]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

NEW series with Dr. Lustig “The Skinny on Obesity” Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. Series: UCSF […]

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes

How to Lose Weight & Keep It Off Psychetruth Nutrition Secrets Losing weight can be difficult for many and may seem impossible to some. With all the fad diets and conflicting information out there, it can be stressful and confusing. In this free video, Corrina counts down the top ten worst mistakes that people make […]

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