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Fatty Acid Connection to Short Attention Span

Fatty Acids Decrease Connected to Short Attention Span A decrease in the amount of fatty acids in the brain cells leads to a condition where the affected person has a short attention span and finds it hard to concentrate on any project for a particular length of time; meals that contain fatty acids steadily fed […]

Juicing for Fat Loss

Juicing for Fat Loss: The Real Reason Why You Gain Weight You may think you already know why people gain weight.  But what if I told you that getting fat has nothing to do with carbs and calories?  That it’s not because you don’t exercise? And it’s not because you sit around and eat junk food? What […]

Indian Food – Healthy Food

Are you fond of cooking different types of cuisine but you still thinking about your health? Now, you don’t have to worry about knowing those kinds of foods, because Indian food is a very good example. This is because of the health benefits that you can get on this food. When talking about Indian food, […]

The Surprising Sushi Health Benefits

from Sushi Health Benefits Sushi is more than a fad, and has tremendous health benefits. This graphic shows that shushi may be a better dietary choice. Browse more Food infographics.  Summary of Sushi Health Benefits Low calorie Low fat Omega3 Amino Acids Dopamine Folates Vitamin C Manganese   To get the most Sushi Health Benefits, Sushi […]

All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream One of our loyal readers has requested that we create a segment on Ice Cream. Ice Cream is something I know quite a bit about, at least from the expanded waistline, consumer side of things. Ice cream is one of those killer foods that I truly miss as a diabetic, and […]

Hyperhealth – The World's Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health – The World’s Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health. Hyperhealth is the definite database for natural medicine. Based on published scientific research Hyperhealth is the most credible and trusted content used by Health Conscious Consumers, Natural Food Retailers, Researchers, Physicians and Health Care Professionals Worldwide. Video Rating: 0 / 5 If you […]

YouTube Video: The Healthiest Breakfast in the World

The Healthiest Breakfast in the World   I’m not so much an omelette fan in the morning, but this looks delicious!.  I would eat this for dinner.  I love all the vegetables!… Rich   My favorite breakfast I eat this every day. 2 eggs fried in PAM cooking spray 1 high fiber English muffin 1/4 […]

Healthy Foods Equals Healthy Skin

Healthy Foods Equals Healthy Skin We all know that our diet plays a big role in our health. Often times it has a direct effect on our organs. Believe it or not, the biggest organ that food effects is our skin. Healthy nutritious food equals healthy skin that looks good. On the other hand not […]

Healthy Breakfast Food Recipes – Nutrition by Natalie

Be My Friend – Healthy Breakfast Food Recipes – Nutrition by Natalie Natalie tell you five different healthy breakfast items and how to cook or make them. A good breakfast is key to your health and wellness. Items include, Smoothie, Breakfast Taco, Yogurt Parfait, Oatmeal or an English Muffin with Egg and Fruit. Wiki […]

Cinnamon Facts – History, Nutritional Value and Tips on Buying and Using

Everyone loves the warm, distinctive flavor that cinnamon adds to food dishes. But did you know that this ancient spice, taken from the bark of tropical trees, is an antioxidant powerhouse? Cinnamon has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any spice — and even more than many foods. You’ll get as many antioxidants in […]

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