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Hi!  I’m Barbara.


A little bit about me.

I am a wife, mother, cook, newly assigned family special occasion baker, e-book reader, crazy hockey fan, dog sitter, lover of all things crafty, semi-gardener, master schedule planner, travel agent (not professional), and Pinterest junkie.

I have been retired from my career as a Paralegal for more than 10 years and I love being home.  Believe me, I did all the rushing, juggling with kids and their schedules while working for more than 20 years so I know what it’s like to take care of a family on restricted time.  Our kids were in soccer, than traveling soccer (you parents who experience this understand how time consuming this sport is), baseball, and four years of Competition Marching Band/Color Guard, and Indoor Color Guard with our daughter. I sewed flags and costumes, and my husband and I chaperoned the band every weekend for competitions.  Again, this meant every Friday night or Saturday, from noon to midnight, being on the run.  When my daughter graduated High School and we had all our weekends free again my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Now what will we do with our time?”.

With all three out of the house we truly became empty nesters.  That meant learning to cook for two again (that’s a hard one); learning about yourself and what interests you; and learning how to be a couple again.

This year has been crazy for us.

  • I made the cake for the bridal shower for our future daughter-in-law;
  • Our daughter graduated college;
  • Planning the rehearsal dinner as parents of the groom (and we made 14 flower arrangements for all the women attending);
  • The Wedding;
  • Our son’s graduation from medical school;
  • Two graduation parties;
  • A “jungle theme” baby shower cake for a family member;
  • House sitting for my sister’s six animals while they were on vacation;
  • Furniture/apartment shopping and moving our daughter to NJ for Graduate School;
  • Taking a last hoorah vacation with her to Myrtle Beach;
  • Visiting my Aunt and family in Arizona; and
  • Taking a much needed two week vacation with my husband to Hilton Head Island, SC.

And NO, this is not typical or usual in any way shape or form for us.  We usually take one vacation a year and generally it’s in the fall but for various reasons this was our whirlwind year.

So now that things are starting to settle down again, I wanted to start this blog, which like my life, will be about a little of this…a little of that.  My interests will range from healthy cooking to decadent, sinful deserts. To places we’ve traveled and what was the good (and bad) of it.  To my novice undertakings in gardening, to helpful tips (I’m currently interested in safer cleaning methods since I sneeze and cough every time I use a commercial product), and whatever else gains my interest.   And I will try out a lot of things I find and give you my personal opinion on the results.  Something I’ve been doing for my own family for years.

I’m not a professional blogger or photographer so this will be a learning experience for me, but I do love to make the people around me happy and I do this through going the extra mile to learn new things in new areas.  I hope you enjoy your visit with me and come back often. If there is something out there that you’d like me to try let me know by email at bmoyer0325@gmail.com.  Your feedback is most welcome.

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