It's Not As Hard As It Seems

Using Simple Techniques to Build YOUR List with Someone Else's Pages

Turn That Affiliate Page Into YOUR Lead Magnet.

Dear Friend,

I LUV Tools!

At first I didn't get it.  I was just posting affiliate links EVERYWHERE but not getting signups.  And, when I DID get signups, they were not MY signups, they "belonged" to the company.  I paid lots of money for a coach, a mentor.  I was taught by a network marketing millionaire, was part of his team, his inner circle.  Once I left his program, I started to promote on m own, but wasn't seeig the results I expected.  Apparently, there was an ingredient in HIS secret sauce that made it work but it wasn't working for me on my own.   

I had spent money on the WorldProfit Silver membership upgrade and was thrilled with the fantastic tools, but I still was not seeig results.  My bad.  I finally realized that I was missing something but was too headstrong to believe this simple "bootcamp training" was the answer. 

I cleared my head of what I was taught (wrong) and FOLLOWED THE BOOTCAMP TRAINING STEP BY STEP, and realized that BUILDING MY LIST WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I COULD DO.  From that point on, EVERYTHING I DID was toward one end: LIST BUILDING. 

I also learned that FOLLOWUP was the next thing I was missing. Before I joined WorldProfit, I did not have the skills to create professional followup campaigns, but I didn't need them.  WorldProfit sends a Professionally written NEWSLETTER EVERY DAY to YOUR list ON YOUR BEHALF.  Sandi Hunter is oe of the best copy writers in the business.  I don't need the skills, I don't have to do the research, wordsmithing, and include the right keywords.  Sandi does it for me.

My job became much simpler.  Promote only LANDING PAGES for Lead  Capture.  Promote, Promote, Promote.  Join new places to promote.  Treat it like a business.

I am now getting DOZENS of leads EVERY DAY into my WorldProfit Prospect Manager and autoresponder campaigns, which gives me the opportunity to "Cultivate Customers".  I "Tell, don't Sell".

It takes between 7 to 11 exposures to move someone through a sales funnel:

 Lead to Prospect to Customer

(for those leads who indicated that they are in the target market segment and have a "buyer's mindset).

If you are a WorldProfit Member, you have MANY tools available to turn ANY AFFILIATE page into a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE to build YOUR LIST!

I could have done this many ways, but I want to show you how to turn any good-converting affiliate page into a signup machine to YOUR autoresponder or WorldProfit Prospect Manager.

WorldProfit Tools

For this example, I happened to use the WorldProfit Lead Magnet. This is an OPTIONAL service, and I'm not telling you to go buy it (although it is a great tool!).  I created a really generic pop-up simply by pasting my autoresponder capture form code.  Took a couple minutes.

You can also do this very simply with the WorldProfit Magic List Builder.  Create any pop-up option to get Associate signups.  Here is what that looks like - took 30 seconds to create

Another way is in WorldProfit Landing Page Builder LP Design 29 - the Affiliate Lead Grabber System.  Here is what that looks like - took 30 seconds to create

Autoresponder Tools

Another approach would be to create a capture page in my autoresponder, then redirect to the Team Build page.  Here is what that looks like. - took 5 minutes

I am not only getting traffic to the  Team Build page (158 clicks in 24 hours) but also a few autoresponder subscribers who are getting my automated message stream daily for the next 2 weeks.


  • ► The Lead Magnet, Magic List Builder and Landing Page builder require at least an upgrade to Silver in WorldProfit.

  • ► I consider an autoresponder to be an ESSENTIAL TOOL that EVERY Network Marketer MUST HAVE.  The autoresponder I am using is MyVIPContacts. Unlimited lead  storage, campaigns, messages, and landing pages for only $11 per month!  Don't let the price fool you.  This has every bit of power as big commercial LIMITED  autoresponders, and you have ME to help you!

  • ► The affiliate program is a "cannot lose" opportunity for a Team Build to promote CTFO CDB Oils.  Join free from the next page and let Dave Mosher know you want to be in his Team Build rotator

  • ► I recommend the WorldProfit Silver membership to TEACH YOU How to do Network Marketing RIGHT and give you access to these great tools.

I can help.


Rich Moyer
+1 484-902-8819