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I use Herculist Every Day... to email 89,000+ members!

Where else do you find a site that GROWS SUBSTANTIALLY every day? It started out last January at 76,000 members, and by the April of 2020, membership had grown to over 89,000 members.


THE One-Stop Shop For All Your Digital Marketing Needs!

Our primary goal is to get your ads out fast, while providing superior click rates... all at the same time! Additionally, we wanted our members to enjoy a steady stream of income that wouldn't die out in a short period of time. Too often, programs explode on the market only to dwindle away after their members lose interest. SOTAM has been "engineered" to keep you coming back!


European Safelist
An Oldie but Goodie, since 2007.

Upgraded Pro members receive 140.000 start credits and 40.000 monthly credits
Earn $ commissions for referring Silver and Pro members
Earn credits for referring any members
Have your personal AUTORESPONDER
Have your Personal page


Fast List Mailer
Email fresh new leads every day.

Every Click Matters at Fast List Mailer.

As a Gold Member you receive an amount of credits every month. This saves you time because you have to view less websites and earn much more credits. Of course, if you decide to read extra emails you can email MORE members and get MORE traffic.


Proactive Mailer
ProActive Mailer makes it FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER to send your ads to an eager and responsive list of marketers!

We Don't Use Bribes or Gimmicks To Grow Our Membership.
We Focus Entirely On Getting YOU Results!

ALL Members Can Mail Daily!


The Lead Magnet
The faster you get a list of hot, motivated, "cash in hand" leads, the faster you will make the money you want and don't let anybody tell you different.

That's because If you ask any marketer who is actually making it, and they are honest with you, they will tell you the single biggest reason why people fail is because they don't have a targeted list of motivated leads.

But getting that list is the mountain most people just can't climb. Until now.


Global Safelist
Free email advertising since 2005! Credit-based only mailing system!

Depending on your membership level, you can mail up to 10 thousand members every day!

Earn credits for reading mail and for referring others - One credit = one person you can mail to. Use your credits for mailings, text ads, or banner exposures. This credit based system helps your ads actually get noticed! Other members will WANT to read your ads because they earn valuable mailing credits to do so!


Receive At Least 2% CTR'S Or Get Your Points Back and you can mail again!

Email-Hog will also give you the "top ten" picks updated every month with the top producing mailers. Use these recommended sites with assurance that they are performing and save hours spent on sites that simply have fizzled out.

Premium Solo Ads Are Sent For You to 25,000. This means 500 people will actually read your mail, Guaranteed!


Harmony Mails
Tired of sending masses of emails and receiving dismal results?

Harmony Mails is different. This is a mailer made for YOU. Complication removed and balance returned.

Join me today and use the promo code: Balance

You will get 1000 mailing credits that you can use right away!


Classic Solo Mailer
Caution: Free Viral Mails Improve Your Marketing and Boost Your Results

Email Advertising Simplified. Send Your Email To 1,000 Real Marketers Now For Free

Email advertising is your #1 way to increase your web traffic and results faster!

Classic Solomailer lets you send your email message out to targeted members right now for free in 5 mins or less.


I want to tell you about a new viralmailer called Mailsy

It has NO limits on the number of members you can mail. All you need is credits.

Use promocode Super to get started with 1000 to mail all my friends right now!


Master Safelist Blaster
Many marketers spend HOURS a day logging into traffic sites, clicking ads, all just to post their ad to promote their offer or program.

Logging into just 1 site, submitting your ad, passing the frame-break checker, then posting the next type of ad with the same routine. It can take well over 5 minutes to post 1 solo ad, 1 banner, 1 button ad, and 1 text link.

How long does it take you to post those 4 ad types to 217 traffic sites??? Let�s just say you�re pretty fast, and can post 4 ads within 5 minutes per site. That�s 1085 minutes, or just a hair over 18 hours.

Now I do it in 5 minutes from just 1 location! MasterSafelistBlaster!

Dave Mosher just launched it on July 1st, and MasterSafelistBlaster allows me to submit my ads to 264 sites with over 412k+ combined members, all within about 5 minutes. Which frees me up to other things to promote my business.

I hear Dave has a few more sites to add yet, which will increase the combined member count to over 350k+. You need to try this awesome, new resource!


Mister Safelist
Your ads are only sent to active members who have logged into Mister Safelist or checked their email in the last 30 days. This insures that your credits are never wasted sending your ads to inactive members.


List Avail
Send your email advertisements to thousands of hungry prospects on the industry's most advanced mailing script with the simple click of a button.

Thousands of potential customers are waiting for you to send them your email advertisements. Join today and take advantage of our mailing list!


Land Marketing Mailer
Eight Years Of Getting You Results!
Eight Years Of Sustained Growth!
Eight Years Paying On Time, Every time!

ALL Active Members Receive A Minimum Of 2500 Credits Per Month!