What Makes a Good Ad?

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Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

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I  advise everyone starting out to concentrate on ACTIVE TRAFFIC - Solos (including HP solos, SNF), Supersolos, and Solo Blasters.  Congrats to those who are seeing the value of SOLO and SNF ads.

I'm a pro ad writing ad copy.  Some tips

  • Job 1: get people to OPEN them.  For each ad I create 4-5 subject lines and change them with each posting

  • Even on Done-For-You ads, I store 1 or more versions.  One for TEXT ONLY, one formatted.  Why? Pasting a formatted ad into a text-only mailer makes a mess if you are using bullet lists or indents

  • I place my 5 subject lines at the top of the file, and the URL after my simple signature line

  • NEVER embed URLs or graphics in Solos or credit mails unless they are specifically permitted

  • If you are including your email address after your signature, separate the .com from the rest of the email address ie. RichMoyer@WebcastSource. com

  • I use a free"notepad-type" program called Evernote.  It's free, and can be installed on ALL your devices (so you can get to your notes on multiple PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones).  I create a "Notepad" (group or folder) for each project, and use "tags" to organize it.

  • Shorter is better.  Put the detail on your landing page or sales page.

Ad Formatting and Ad Effectiveness

  • If your ad copy seems to be a "blob", nobody will look at the ad copy. Any clicks you get will be from freebie seekers and ad clickers.  

  • I always strive to make ads READABLE but also add 

    • selective CAPS (for text ads)

    • BOLD, centering, and "white space" for formatted.

    • Colors may not be portable to many safelists or mailers

    • Pick a nice BUSINESS font like Arial, Helvetica and a point size of 14 to 18 (My Evernote default is set to Arial 14)


  • There is a great free tool ton help you create professional email copy called Email Marketing Masters

  • Do you want to see how effective your emails are?  Split Test Mailer is a free tool that "tests" different versions of your emails.

  • The functionality of both these standalone tools is included on all new releases on Matthew Graves mailers.  I recommend Unlock Your List - it is hot, now in its second week after launch, has over 2000 members already.

Let's Talk About SERIOUS advertising for a one-time $25



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  • All for one-time $25.00 USD.

  • Promote only using solos and credit mails!!

  • Don't waste your time with passive traffic like banners, textlinks, and surf sites!!!!


  • My best recommendation is MyVIPContacts UNLIMITED autoresponder.  Your monthly cost is $10.97. 

  • Your cost does NOT increase as your list grows, unlike Aweber or GetResponse.

  • All the landing page tools, cloaker, rotator, and TONS of other resources ARE INCLUDED FREE.

Get started NOW

  • Join Instant Cash Promo Codes and upgrade to Gold for a one-time $25

  • Join Email Marketing Masters as a free member.  Also a great mailer.

  • Join Split Test Mailer as a free member. Also a great mailer.

  • Join Unlock Your List as a free member (consider the $9 per month or $19 per quarter Premium upgrade). There are SO MANY REASONS to join, upgrade, and promote Unlock Your List but that is for another time

  • Join MyVIPContacts and upgrade to Pro for $10.97 per month

  • EMAIL ME FOR HELP!!!!  It's what I do!!!

My opinion:

This is BUSINESS not a HOBBY.  If you cannot find $25 one-time and $10.97 per month, GIVE UP NOW.

So... WHY???

Someone asked me why I am not just telling you to upgrade on THIS SAFELIST.  Well, you got this note, didn't you?  

I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL.  PERIOD.   I am a retired professional Fortune 500 business consultant, IT network and systems engineer, owned my own small business consulting firm for over 20 years, and am a small business entrepreneur.  

I currently admin over 200 safelists and know the BEST OFFERS and how to put them together so MORE PEOPLE CAN REALIZE SUCCESS in THEIR BUSINESSES.  

They tend to remember that I HELPED THEM, and they keep coming back for MORE. And I don't EVER CHARGE for my consulting.

My Perspective

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS.  An autoresponder is a Cost of Doing Business in Network Marketing.  

An autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL COMPONENT THAT EVERY MARKETER MUST HAVE.  You would not hire a plumber who does not own a wrench, or a carpenter without a hammer, or a swimming instructor without a pool, would you?

It is $10.97 per month.  If you are unwilling to commit less than $11 per month for such an important tool that will not necessarily guarantee success, but without it,  WILL GUARANTEE FAILURE, you are wasting YOUR time.  Give it up, and make room for people who WANT to LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED!!!

BTW, I have ALWAYS offered my help FOR FREE to ANYONE COMMITTED TO LEARN.  In 20+ years as a professional business consultant, I have NEVER charged for consulting. I just ask for those folks to consider signing up under me as an affiliate on some of the tools, traffic sites, and training I recommend.  

But you must know that I USE WHAT I SELL, and I SHARE MY PROCESSES AND TRUSTED RESOURCES. You are getting the REAL DEAL.  

So, what I am asking, is that you consider the MyVIPContacts Pro Upgrade for under $11 per month, and LET  ME HELP YOU...

    Setting up MyVIPContacts
  • Setting up Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Writing your own Message Streams
  • Broadcast Strategies 
  • Using and Modifying Splash Page Templates to make them Lead Capture Pages
  • Creating your OWN Lead Capture Pages
  • Free or Low-Cost tools I personally use
  • Different TYPES of Traffic and Traffic Strategies
  • Traffic Sources
  • List Building Tactics

Of course, I will work WITH YOU, but I also recommend getting the BEST Network Marketing Bootcamp Training on the Planet - the WorldProfit Silver Membership.  By Coupling the Tools, Training, Traffic Sources, Products and Services with TOP TIER AUTORESPONDER tactics I have employed with MyVIPContacts Pro and other autoresponder systems, I receive a comfortable flow of new leads that CONVERT, and generate COMMISSIONS.

Did it happen overnight?  NO
Was it FREE?  NO
Did it take HARD WORK?  YES

Unfortunately, it took me YEARS before I had someone to TEACH ME how to do Network Marketing  RIGHT.  

I actually had to UN-LEARN what I was taught by others, and RESET BACK TO LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS with the WorldProfit Silver Member Bootcamp Training.  You have an opportunity to substantially shorten YOUR LEARNING CURVE.

I WANT to help YOU if you are SERIOUS and willing to TREAT THIS LIKE A BUSINESS!  I will work with you with the LONG GAME in mind.  

Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EDT
Email: RichMoyer@WebcastSource.com


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Rich Moyer

Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

+1 484-902-8819

You don't need to be a master copywriter to do this, in fact, the content for my first, and most popular newsletter I started over 7 years ago, Home Business Tips, was PURCHASED. It cost $350 as a Done-For-You project that included autoresponder, autoresponder setup, message installation, 1 year of hosting, a complete Wordpress Blog, and blog content.

You don't need all that, nor do you need to spend that kind of money.

Here is an opportunity to start your OWN SUBSCRIBER-GRABBING NEWSLETTERS for little more than the cost of a large pizza.

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People want CONTENT. They want to LEARN.

I get more subscribers from newsletters, marketing reports, and eCourses than any other source. I GIVE AWAY newsletter and eCourse subscriptions, and only SELL the copyrighted content so others get legal licensing to start their own newsletters.

Again, we are talking CHEAP.

Once these subscribers are on your list, you can suggest and recommend products and services that generate REVENUE FOR YOU!

How to Get Started

  • You will need an autoresponder
    • I recommend an UNLIMITED autoresponder system, because as your list grows, with many of the commercial autoresponder systems like Aweber and GetResponse, so does the cost.  While the 30 day free trial does sound attractive, and the $15 to $19 per month seems affordable, it does not take long before your costs skyrocket as your list grows.  Team Elite Home Businesses Gold allows unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, and unlimited landing pages for $7.95 per month (there are other plans that include huge traffic packages - maximum cost for Platinum is $21.95 per month)
    • Aweber is the go-to commercial autoresponder.  30 Day free trial, then $19 per month.  The price goes up after 400 subscribers.  Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • GetResponse is another go-to commercial autoresponder. 30 Day free trial, then $15 per month.  The price goes up after 1000 subscribers.  There are many projects (ie JVZoo products) tied directly to GetResponse with an API, which gives you access to many Done-For-You message campaigns. Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • All-in-One-Profits - very basic but fully functional unlimited autoresponder.  Great pass-up affiliate program and lots of PLR, hosting, extras included.  ($11.45 per month)
  • I recommend having quality Lead Capture pages (also called squeeze pages, or landing pages).  With TeamEliteHomeBusinesses there is a huge library of Done-For-You templates, or a complete, easy to use, build-your-own landing page creator.  You can quickly create landing pages in minutes and connect them to your autoresponder message streams.
  • How-to, tips, and strategies for effective eMail Marketing
    • Email Marketing Effective Letters - Among the most crucial assets to making revenue online is having your own opt in list. To be more particular, a motivated opt in list that's responsive to your material. ($5.00)
    • Email Profiteers - Building a targeted mailing list and then broadcasting promotional based messages to a confirmed audience of subscribers. Make sense, right? You simply offer an opt-in incentive to potential subscribers to capture attention, add them to your list and start sending out advertisements and offers that they'll respond to. ($47.00  NOW $12.00)
  • QUALITY Newsletter or eCourse Content.  THIS is where the rubber meets the road.  Below is a selection of my recommended, affordable newsletter content packages.  My subscribers LOVE these!
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