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Announcing:  WebcastSource Rotator Service 
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Above: This is the Gallery View people see when my links are clicked on solos, credit mails, banners, text links, and FB Ads
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Here's how it works...

You can sign up for a PRIVATE ROTATOR SERVICE powered by MY RELIABLE AND TRUSTED TRAFFIC SOURCES that I use daily to send 250,000 to 1 Million Emails per Day.

This is both a Gallery Service and Rotator Service - Two different views, two different presentations.

First, the Rotator is like many other rotators - simply drives traffic to all the approved URLs within that rotator.

The Gallery presentation presents YOUR Text Description, with a button that takes the Gallery Viewer to YOUR webpage.  This view is updated with Gallery Blocks for each ad in the Gallery Rotator system.  

You can enter URLS into rotation for constant traffic and promotion - your choice of Rotator or Gallery.

You can edit / change your own URLS anytime.

URLs can be set to expire in the timeframe you specify (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months), or expire once the purchased number of views runs out.

The Gallery and Rotator Systems include View and Click tracking - see where YOUR ads are SEEN, and where your clicks are coming from.


Introductory Pricing details can be seen on the Order Page (sign up below). 

 Gallery Pkg #1 - 1,000 Gallery Views $1.00

 Gallery Pkg #2 - 5,000 Gallery Views $2.00

 Gallery Pkg #3 - 10,000 Gallery Views $3.00 

 Gallery Pkg #4 - Unlimited Gallery Views for 1 Month $2.95

 Gallery Pkg #5 - Unlimited Gallery Views for 3 Months $5.95

 Gallery Pkg #6 - Unlimited Gallery Views for 6 Months $8.95


 Rotator Pkg #1 - 100 Rotator Hits $3.50

Rotator Pkg #2 - 500 Rotator Hits $5.50

Rotator Pkg #3 - 1,000 Rotator Hits $10.50

Compare this to ad prices for bulk traffic ($0.30 to $1.25 per click) and for banner, text, and login/sponsor ads on safelists ($3 to $5 for 1000 views) , and you will realize that my rotator ad pricing is SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper, AND...

You are getting a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC in  FRACTION of the time.  I do the work, YOUR ADS get the traffic. 

This is a HUGE source of GREAT TRAFFIC for your sites!  Sign up below to Order.  Your order is processed manually.  Links to your ads will be provided via email within 24 hours.

Rich Moyer


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