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Network Marketers MUST HAVE an Autoresponder, and It Is An Essential Tool!


Rich Moyer

Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

+1 484-902-8819

Why You Need an Autoresponder

The most important thing you can do in Network Marketing is BUILD YOUR LIST! 
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A New Game in Town

I wanted to reach out to all Network Marketers to announce the  launch of MyVIPContacts, a brand new Unlimited Autoresponder by Dave Mosher, with SO many features, and SO much content.  

You can join MyVIPContacts for free as an affiliate to promote this system, but to unlock the full capability of MyVIPContacts, Dave will be offering only one upgraded membership: MyVIPContacts Pro for $10.97 per month. 

A Plan for Multiple Streams of Income

We are here to rough-out a PLAN so that YOU can start to make money.  I've selected programs that provide valuable and needed FUNCTIONS while at the same time, offer affiliate earning opportunities.  Most of these programs allow you to join for free, but the real value is seen when you upgrade.  As you start to fill your coffers with commissions, you should be REINVESTING those earnings through selective upgrades.

Think of a cardboard box. 

You have three balloons that must fit in that box:  Time, Money, and EffortThe goal is to keep that box FILLED with these three ballons, so if your goal (keeping the box filled) requires a shorter Time, then you must increase Money and/or Effort.  If you don't have much Money, you have to increase Time and/or Effort.

There is a subtext to the rule: AT NO TIME CAN ANY OF THE BALLOONS BE EMPTY.

So let's show you a practical application of this theory.  You are a free member and don't have much Money, and many of these programs do provide ways to earn upgrades or other benefits like clicking for traffic (more of your Time and Effort).  The Money balloon is small so the Time and Effort balloons are necessarily larger.  A Done-For-You program reduces your Time and Effort, but generally costs more Money.

Since we agree that there are several CONSTANTS in Network Marketing, it is a given that NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE.  This is a BUSINESS.  It WILL require some investment of Time, Effort, and Money.  And... YOU WILL NEED TRAINING to be able to do this!

MyVIPContacts Pro is Your First Affiliate Opportunity

EVEN FREE MEMBERS can earn AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS of $5 per Upgraded Referral.

Remember, that this would be RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME for as long as that referral maintains their Pro Upgrade.  Now, even SIMPLE MATH makes it OBVIOUS that you only need THREE REFERRALS and you are in PROFIT as a MyVIPContacts Pro Member!!!

We have agreed that an autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL TOOL for EVERY Network Marketer, and MyVIPContacts is the autoresponder we have chosen.  If you have not JOINED and UPGRADED to MyVIPContacts PRO, CLICK HERE NOW!!!

Preparation to Build Your List

Remember, you have NO BUSINESS WITHOUT A LIST, and the MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOWUP, but before we can start building that list, there is some up-front preparation.

We need to decide HOW to Build this list, and WHAT to promote to attract SUBSCRIBERS to that list.

Network Marketers need TRAINING, TOOLS, TRAFFIC something to generate revenue, either through product sales or affiliate commissions.  Since product creation is well beyond your skillset, your obvious choice is Affiliate Products and Services.

Strategy:  Provide them with INFORMATION more than SALES and PROMOTIONS.  I like to reflect how I use these products and services (YES I Use What I Sell!).  But keep i mind that YOUR SUBSCRIBERS signed up because THEY are interested in having a VIABLE and SUSTAINABLE ONLINE BUSINESS.  This page should be their guidebook, and drip-feed them information about the recommended multiple streams of income YOU use.


  • MyVIPContacts PRO autoresponder REQUIRED Cost $10.97 per month
    Earning Potential $5 Per Month for each referral upgrade for Free or PRO members

  • MyVIPContacts PRO Rotator - included in MyVIPContacts PRO.  Create Rotators to post after your signature line in each autoresponder followup message containing Tool of the Day, eBook of the Day, eCourse of the Day, Income Generator of the Day, etc.

  • Email Marketing Masters - Creates Unique Emails.  Join and use for free.  Great Mailer, list builder. Earn your upgrade by passing up 5 referrals RECOMMENDED Free
    Earning Potential for Premium Members 50% Commission
    $9 Per Quarter for each Quarterly Premium Referral upgrade

    $48.50 for each Lifetime Premium Referral upgrade
    Random Referrals
    Up to 5 Pass-up Referrals from each Downline

  • Split Test Mailer - Split Tests emails and sends the best converting version.  Join and use for free.  Great Mailer, list builder. Earn your upgrade by passing up 5 referrals RECOMMENDED Free
    Earning Potential for Premium Members 50% Commission
    $9 Per Quarter for each Quarterly Premium Referral upgrade

    $48.50 for each Lifetime Premium Referral upgrade
    Random Referrals
    Up to 5 Pass-up Referrals from each Downline

  • HTML Editor - use CPANEL HTML Editor on your Hosting Account
  • Evernote - Free multi-platform notebook works on PC, Tablet, Android, Ipad.  This is where I store ALL my Ready-to-Copy-Paste promotions.  Each note contains  subject lines (I create 4-5), formatted ad copy, and URL
  • Google Sheets - Free with every Gmail account. Cloud-based Spreadsheet for recording affiliate URL, Cloaked URL, Banner URL, Button URL, Login Ad URL.  RECOMMENDED Free
  • Google Drive - Free with every Gmail account. Cloud-based storage.  RECOMMENDED Free

Tracker/Cloaker - Several choices: 

  • MyVIPContacts PRO URL Cloaker - obvious because it is included in MyVIPContacts PRO
  • ViralURL  - Join for free.  When upgraded, provides affiliate commissions opportunity and enhanced tracking PLUS a respectable mailer. 
    Earning Potential 20%-50% for each referral upgrade depending on your upgrade level

  • SoManyHits - Join for free.  When upgraded, provides affiliate commissions opportunity, traffic, and incredible landing pages. 
    Earning Potential for Free Members: $4, $8, $12 or $20.
    As a Pro member those amounts go up to $10, $20, $30 and $50.


  • Instant Cash Promo Codes - Join for free and receive 400 Solos, Banners, Buttons, and Textlinks plus a boatload of credits with promo code newmemberICPC Gold Upgrade provides 80+ Exclusive Promo Codes on those 80+ Sites for ANOTHER 400 Solos, Banners, Buttons, Textlinks, and Credits.  This one-time $20 upgrade is WORTH IT (Join then pay with ORU Marketplace, Google Pay, or Zelle). RECOMMENDED $20 One-Time
    Earning Potential for ICPC Gold Members $20 per Referral Upgrade (Requires ORU Marketplace or other ways to receive payments)

  • Master Safelist Blaster sends Solos, Banners, Buttons, and Text Links to 341,000 marketers. Packages: 20-Pack For 99.95; 5 Pack for $49,95; 2 Pack for $29.95; 1 Pack for $19.95.  Upgrades Silver $39.95 per month, Gold $59.95 per month RECOMMENDED Silver Upgrade
    Earning Potential for Referral Purchases or Subscriptions
    MSB Free Members 10%
    MSB Silver Members 30%
    MSB Gold Members 40%

  • TheDownliner will Advertise to 18,000 traffic sites.  RECOMMENDED $9.95 per month upgrade
    Earning Potential 30%

  • #1GoldMine will Blast to 338,000 marketers.  No Clicking.  Ultra 1 Upgrade provides 40 Blasts.  RECOMMENDED Ultra 1 Upgrade $57
    Earning Potential for Ultra 25% 2 Tier

  • ViralHosts - Inexpensive Hosting Account (for storage if images, landing pages).  Great Mailer if upgraded RECOMMENDED One-time $7
    Earning Potential  10%-50%


  • MyVIPContacts Pro PLR Library - Included.  Hundreds of RR-MRR-PLR products - educational, tools, information, reports
  • WorldProfit Associate Membership - Join Free.  GoodyBag contains The Vault with 220+ PLR products and 65 Lead Generators RECOMMENDED Free 
    Earning Potential  5%

  • Your Viral List - Free members get 1 free Lead Magnet per month.   RECOMMENDED Free 
    Earn your Premium upgrade by passing up 5 referrals
    Earning Potential for Premium Members 50% Commission
    $9 Per Quarter for each Quarterly Premium Referral upgrade

    $48.50 for each Lifetime Premium Referral upgrade
    Random Referrals
    Up to 5 Pass-up Referrals from each Downline


  • WorldProfit Silver Membership - Ultimately, you NEED this to get the full understanding of Network Marketing.  Has all the Training, Traffic, and Tools you need. Learn how to DO NETWORK MARKETING RIGHT!  Note - you are going through all of this because $99.95 per month was too expensive for you at this time.
    Earning Potential  20%-100%

  • MyVIPContacts New Features - Login to MyVIPContacts and click the Dashboard link. Check regularly.  RECOMMENDED Free 
  • Training Tutorials with Rich Moyer - Login to MyVIPContacts and click the link of the same name.  New tutorials are being added frequently so check regularly.  RECOMMENDED Free 
  • MyVIPContacts Pro PLR Library - Included.  Hundreds of RR-MRR-PLR products - educational, tools, information, reports 

Lead Capture

  • MyVIPContacts Pro Splash Page Creator - Use pre-defined templates

  • MyVIPContacts Pro MotionLeads - Submit a support ticket to request your free, hosted copy of this software.  WARNING:  If you cancel your subscription, your access to this software will be cancelled as well. RECOMMENDED Free 
  • MyVIPContacts Pro - ProMarketerApp - Submit a support ticket to request your free, hosted copy of this software.  WARNING: If you cancel your subscription, your access to this software will be cancelled as well.
  • MyVIPContacts Pro PLR Library - free 3rd party tools
  • SoManyHits - Join for free.  When upgraded, provides templates for incredible landing pages
    Earning Potential for Free Members: $4, $8, $12 or $20.
    As a Pro member those amounts go up to $10, $20, $30 and $50.

  • ReduceTheHype - download hundreds of landing pages for free and install on your Hosting Account.  No Affiliate Program

Getting Started

1. If you haven't Joined and Upgraded to MyVIPContacts PRO, do it NOW!. Join each of the programs above as a free member.

3. Record your Affiliate information - Affiliate URL, Banner URL, Button URL, Login Ad URL

4. Create a Followup a Campaign: MyVIPContacts Multi-Stream Income Platform

5. Download ad swipes, create Campaign, and add followup messages using ad swipes

6. Create Lead Capture Pages

7. Create Ad Copy to Promote

8. Get Traffic

My Perspective

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS.  An autoresponder is a Cost of Doing Business in Network Marketing.  

An autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL COMPONENT THAT EVERY MARKETER MUST HAVE.  You would not hire a plumber who does not own a wrench, or a carpenter without a hammer, or a swimming instructor without a pool, would you?

It is $10.97 per month.  If you are unwilling to commit less than $11 per month for such an important tool that will not necessarily guarantee success, but without it,  WILL GUARANTEE FAILURE, you are wasting YOUR time.  Give it up, and make room for people who WANT to LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED!!!

BTW, I have ALWAYS offered my help FOR FREE to ANYONE COMMITTED TO LEARN.  In 20+ years as a professional business consultant, I have NEVER charged for consulting. I just ask for those folks to consider signing up under me as an affiliate on some of the tools, traffic sites, and training I recommend.  

But you must know that I USE WHAT I SELL, and I SHARE MY PROCESSES AND TRUSTED RESOURCES. You are getting the REAL DEAL.  

So, what I am asking, is that you consider the MyVIPContacts Pro Upgrade for under $11 per month, and LET  ME HELP YOU...

    Setting up MyVIPContacts
  • Setting up Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Writing your own Message Streams
  • Broadcast Strategies 
  • Using and Modifying Splash Page Templates to make them Lead Capture Pages
  • Creating your OWN Lead Capture Pages
  • Free or Low-Cost tools I personally use
  • Different TYPES of Traffic and Traffic Strategies
  • Traffic Sources
  • List Building Tactics

Of course, I will work WITH YOU, but I also recommend getting the BEST Network Marketing Bootcamp Training on the Planet - the WorldProfit Silver Membership.  By Coupling the Tools, Training, Traffic Sources, Products and Services with TOP TIER AUTORESPONDER tactics I have employed with MyVIPContacts Pro and other autoresponder systems, I receive a comfortable flow of new leads that CONVERT, and generate COMMISSIONS.

Did it happen overnight?  NO
Was it FREE?  NO
Did it take HARD WORK?  YES

Unfortunately, it took me YEARS before I had someone to TEACH ME how to do Network Marketing  RIGHT.  

I actually had to UN-LEARN what I was taught by others, and RESET BACK TO LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS with the WorldProfit Silver Member Bootcamp Training.  You have an opportunity to substantially shorten YOUR LEARNING CURVE.

I WANT to help YOU if you are SERIOUS and willing to TREAT THIS LIKE A BUSINESS!  I will work with you with the LONG GAME in mind.  

Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EDT


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No Better Way to Build a List of LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS than to GIVE THEM QUALITY CONTENT!!!

I have created huge lists of subscribers using NEWSLETTERS and eCourses delivered to their inbox.  Yep, literally THOUSANDS in my autoresponders just by creating QUALITY CONTENT.

Rich Moyer

Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

+1 484-902-8819

You don't need to be a master copywriter to do this, in fact, the content for my first, and most popular newsletter I started over 7 years ago, Home Business Tips, was PURCHASED. It cost $350 as a Done-For-You project that included autoresponder, autoresponder setup, message installation, 1 year of hosting, a complete Wordpress Blog, and blog content.

You don't need all that, nor do you need to spend that kind of money.

Here is an opportunity to start your OWN SUBSCRIBER-GRABBING NEWSLETTERS for little more than the cost of a large pizza.

Yes, you WILL need an autoresponder, with lead capture pages, and I can recommend several, then all you need is CONTENT. I have THAT TOO!

People want CONTENT. They want to LEARN.

I get more subscribers from newsletters, marketing reports, and eCourses than any other source. I GIVE AWAY newsletter and eCourse subscriptions, and only SELL the copyrighted content so others get legal licensing to start their own newsletters.

Again, we are talking CHEAP.

Once these subscribers are on your list, you can suggest and recommend products and services that generate REVENUE FOR YOU!

How to Get Started

  • You will need an autoresponder
    • I recommend an UNLIMITED autoresponder system, because as your list grows, with many of the commercial autoresponder systems like Aweber and GetResponse, so does the cost.  While the 30 day free trial does sound attractive, and the $15 to $19 per month seems affordable, it does not take long before your costs skyrocket as your list grows.  Team Elite Home Businesses Gold allows unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, and unlimited landing pages for $7.95 per month (there are other plans that include huge traffic packages - maximum cost for Platinum is $21.95 per month)
    • Aweber is the go-to commercial autoresponder.  30 Day free trial, then $19 per month.  The price goes up after 400 subscribers.  Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • GetResponse is another go-to commercial autoresponder. 30 Day free trial, then $15 per month.  The price goes up after 1000 subscribers.  There are many projects (ie JVZoo products) tied directly to GetResponse with an API, which gives you access to many Done-For-You message campaigns. Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • All-in-One-Profits - very basic but fully functional unlimited autoresponder.  Great pass-up affiliate program and lots of PLR, hosting, extras included.  ($11.45 per month)
  • I recommend having quality Lead Capture pages (also called squeeze pages, or landing pages).  With TeamEliteHomeBusinesses there is a huge library of Done-For-You templates, or a complete, easy to use, build-your-own landing page creator.  You can quickly create landing pages in minutes and connect them to your autoresponder message streams.
  • How-to, tips, and strategies for effective eMail Marketing
    • Email Marketing Effective Letters - Among the most crucial assets to making revenue online is having your own opt in list. To be more particular, a motivated opt in list that's responsive to your material. ($5.00)
    • Email Profiteers - Building a targeted mailing list and then broadcasting promotional based messages to a confirmed audience of subscribers. Make sense, right? You simply offer an opt-in incentive to potential subscribers to capture attention, add them to your list and start sending out advertisements and offers that they'll respond to. ($47.00  NOW $12.00)
  • QUALITY Newsletter or eCourse Content.  THIS is where the rubber meets the road.  Below is a selection of my recommended, affordable newsletter content packages.  My subscribers LOVE these!
    • BUY Internet Marketing Newsletters - Complete MRR Rights to this 25 letter newsletter  ($7.00 USD) View Sales Page  RECOMMENDED
    • BUY Newsletters In A Box - How to Get Fresh Copy And Paste Emails For Your Subscribers...Without Being A Writing Genius Or Fancy Product Creator. (NOW $10.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)   RECOMMENDED
    • BUY Unrestricted Marketing Articles - Use these 200 Unrestriced Articles to generate fresh traffic to any blog or website ($17.00 Reseller,  $7.00 PLR NOW $5.00) View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY Review 2 Profit - PRE-SELL Content That Blows The Pants Off Your Competitors And Sends You BIG FAT Commissions! It's Time You Cheated A Little And Grabbed My Reviews So You Can Pick Up Easy Commission From Products You've Never Even Bought! ($97.00 NOW $17.00) View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY Mega Money Emails - Now You Too Can Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot And Make MEGA Money With Your Own Profit-Pulling Auto-Responder Sequences With a Tested, Proven, And Verified System In As Little As 9 Minutes Or Less! ($37.00  NOW $17.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY 55 Clickbank Review Articles - These are custom reviews for each of the top 55 ClickBank products including the upcoming ones. All articles already have hoplinks to the Clickbank product, so all you have to do is to insert your own nickname, rather than having to go the marketplace and finding the product link. (NOW $11.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)   RECOMMENDED
    • ClickBank Passive Income - instead of selling it to customers, the software and training course are given away for free via a “secret web page”.  Now, when they request my product and become my new subscribers, I’ll continue to send them valuable training for free.  But found in each of the emails sent, there will be a promotion of an affiliate program where you’ll be able to make affiliate commission. And some times, I’ll send them product recommendations to buy too.  Premium members (one-time lifetime fee) get all the campaigns and followup messages that can be loaded into your autoresponder (Aweber required).   RECOMMENDED
    • 5 Figure Day - A Simple System that Reveals How To Start Adding 100 to 200 Targeted Subscribers Every Day to Your List (Aweber required).
    • CB Pro Ads - STOP Promoting LOW-PayingAffiliate Sites.  The earning potential with Clickbank® products is virtually limitless.® offers almost 50 - 75% commissions on their vendor's product sales to their affiliates. The one-time lifetime upgrade ($32.95) gives you storefronts and user-targeted ad copy for the products!  Use THESE to build your autoresponder streams   RECOMMENDED
    • Team Easy Profit Academy - All-in-One-Profits Team Build complete with Done-For-You landing pages and campaigns.  One-time $10 (AIOP BASIC subscription Required) RECOMMENDED

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