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Why Post Your Ads on a Startup Site?

The Math

If a site has 1,000 members

and each member has 20 banners...

that's 20,000 banners in rotation.

If you are lucky, you will see 3-4% ACTIVE members

If a site has 100 members

and each member has 20 banners...

that's 2,000 banners in rotation.

It is more likely that a small startup site would have a higher percentage of ACTIVE members so there is a higher probability that your ad will be seen!

As with any site you join, submit some "seed" ads of each type so you can see how a site performs, but keep in mind that STARTUP sites take a little more patience and are growing so the site profile may change as the membership matures (in their marketing, silly - not old people).  Check back in 2,4, and 8 weeks and adjust your ad submission strategy (hint: put on your calendar). 

The key: get SOME ads out there so you are at the top of the rotation queue.

Take advantage of bargains and bonus offerings for New-Launch sites that have a great launch and growth track record, reputable owners, and  fast-growing memberships.  Exploit the amazing list building potential by ALWAYS promoting to a LANDING PAGE that captures your leads in YOUR list or autoresponder. (More Info Coming Soon!)

Join and GROW your business using Small and STARTUP sites like:

 Solo Ads Work

Fun Solo Ads

Super Link Solos

Aero Mails

Amazing Text Ads

Viper Text Ads

Hot Text Ads\

Your Viral Network Sites

Dave Mosher Re-Launch Siteses

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