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ICPC Gold will be increasing to $25 Soon.
PLUS Other Happenings That Can Make a Difference
In YOUR Network Marketing  Business


Rich Moyer

Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

+1 484-902-8819

You Need Traffic.  You Need Lead Capture.
You WANT this to result in Multiple Streams of Income!

See my Mutliple Streams of Income Blueprint Detail

Here is the timeline we are working towards:

  • I spoke with Dave Mosher, and things are moving along well with the QuickCashSolos launch
  • Next big event will be MyVIPContacts Pro platform upgrade. All new functionality plus enhancements to all the great extras he has added.
  • THEN, the Instant Cash Promo Codes platform will be re-launched to the same script that the newly relaunched QuickCashSolos is using
  • About every month, a new relaunch will be seen. The goal is to get 10-12 more of the old Greg Chadwick sites converted to this platform.

How this affects you:

  • ICPC Gold price will increase to $25
  • ICPC commission structure will become PERCENTAGE OF SALES
  • Gold members will no longer receive 100% of the $20 referral upgrade commission: They will PASS-UP the first sale, keep the next sale (50% of Sales)
  • There will be 10 ways to PAY and GET PAID DIRECT COMMISSIONS
  • Progressive Upgrades to Platinum (75% of Sales) then Elite/VIP (100% of Sales)
  • Lifetime Advertising Reseller Packages available at any membership level ($100) earning 100% commissions
  • You can link your autoresponder HTML form code to your ICPC Profile making ICPC a KILLER LIST BUILDER

SO many more reasons to get MyVIPContacts Pro.

  • New MVC Pro Platform
  • Unlimited subscribers, Unlimited autoresponder campaigns, Unlimited autoresponder messages
  • Broadcast to your list Daily
  • 12 Gold Upgrades to top safelists. These sites also have 12 Splashpage (lead capture) Builder pages each PLUS a Personal Builder to create a Project Profile
  • Even MORE great utilities (Use these NOW): MotionLeads, HTML Editor,
  • Adding about 100 new RR-PLR-MRR QUALITY digital downloads per week (They are now on a separate site linked to MVC)
  • No price increase as your list grows - unlike Aweber and Getresponse
  • Earn $5 PER MONTH for each Pro referral - nice stream of residual income

The QuickCashSolos Platform with MVC Pro

  • The new QCS platform has a built-in field for your autoresponder HTML capture form code, making it not only a great safelist. A Traffic Machine, Cash Machine, and now a LIST BUILDING MACHINE.
  • MVC Pro is RECOMMENDED, an UNLIMITED autoresponder so GO CRAZY promoting QuickCashSolos
  • Every new site relaunch using this QCS platform will have the same lead capture capabilities.

Ultimate Canvas Banner Generator

  • A tool I purchased and installed on my server. You are welcome to use it.
  • You can export your projects (to reload to edit them), and download your banner images to your computer.
  • No login needed. Access it here (bookmark the link) Ultimate Canvas Banner Generator v1.0
  • Upload to your MotionLeads Images vault so you can get the URL to promote with those banners

My recommended actions

  • Upgrade to ICPC Gold (if not already upgraded)
    • Join sites in Downline Builder,
    • redeem promo code newmember
    • redeem your exclusive promo code
    • Save your affiliate URL in the downline builder
  • Sign up for MyVIPContacts and upgrade to Pro
    • Join the 12 safelists and follow instructions got Gold upgrade
    • Submit support ticket requesting free access to MotionLeads
  • Join QuickCashSolos
    • even free members earn 50% of Sales
  • PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE using your new traffic sources!!!

So, what I'm talking about as an investment in your BUSINESS
ICPC Gold for one-time $20

  • You will get 400 Solos, Banners, etc with promo code newmember
  • You will get ANOTHER 400 Solos, Banners, etc with your exclusive promo codes for sites in ICPC Downline Builder

$10.97 per month for MVC Pro

  • World Class UNLIMITED autoresponder - price does not increase a subscribers increase
  • 12 Gold Safelist Upgrades all with 5 pack for promo code newmember + Gold Upgrade Ad Packs
  • 144 Splash/Lead Capture Pages - 12 on each safelist
  • MotionLeads - one of my favorite lead capture page builders
  • Hundreds of RR-PLR-MRR including lead/capture builders, graphic sets, autoresponder message streams

More Incentives 

  • Get 1 free Solo for Each $5 You Spend for Upgrades, OTOs, Traffic.  Get Details Here

It is an amazing feeling when you have SO MUCH TRAFFIC and the one easy decision you have to make is to CHOOSE where you want to post your LIST BUILDING Capture Pages

THIS IS DO-ABLE.  LOW COST.  Gives you the TRAFFIC you need and the TOOLS to BUILD YOUR LIST and subsequently MAKE SALES. 

So if you are telling me that  you cannot find $20 one-time and $10.97 per month, PLEASE give up now.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I CAN and DO HELP. Just ask.

  • LEAVE VOICEMAIL - I don't answer numbers I don't recognize
  • I don't use social media like FB, Twitter or Messenger
  • I cannot access Skype

My Perspective

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS.  An autoresponder is a Cost of Doing Business in Network Marketing.  

An autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL COMPONENT THAT EVERY MARKETER MUST HAVE.  You would not hire a plumber who does not own a wrench, or a carpenter without a hammer, or a swimming instructor without a pool, would you?

It is $10.97 per month.  If you are unwilling to commit less than $11 per month for such an important tool that will not necessarily guarantee success, but without it,  WILL GUARANTEE FAILURE, you are wasting YOUR time.  Give it up, and make room for people who WANT to LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED!!!

BTW, I have ALWAYS offered my help FOR FREE to ANYONE COMMITTED TO LEARN.  In 20+ years as a professional business consultant, I have NEVER charged for consulting. I just ask for those folks to consider signing up under me as an affiliate on some of the tools, traffic sites, and training I recommend.  

But you must know that I USE WHAT I SELL, and I SHARE MY PROCESSES AND TRUSTED RESOURCES. You are getting the REAL DEAL.  

So, what I am asking, is that you consider the MyVIPContacts Pro Upgrade for under $11 per month, and LET  ME HELP YOU...

    Setting up MyVIPContacts
  • Setting up Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Writing your own Message Streams
  • Broadcast Strategies 
  • Using and Modifying Splash Page Templates to make them Lead Capture Pages
  • Creating your OWN Lead Capture Pages
  • Free or Low-Cost tools I personally use
  • Different TYPES of Traffic and Traffic Strategies
  • Traffic Sources
  • List Building Tactics

Of course, I will work WITH YOU, but I also recommend getting the BEST Network Marketing Bootcamp Training on the Planet - the WorldProfit Silver Membership.  By Coupling the Tools, Training, Traffic Sources, Products and Services with TOP TIER AUTORESPONDER tactics I have employed with MyVIPContacts Pro and other autoresponder systems, I receive a comfortable flow of new leads that CONVERT, and generate COMMISSIONS.

Did it happen overnight?  NO
Was it FREE?  NO
Did it take HARD WORK?  YES

Unfortunately, it took me YEARS before I had someone to TEACH ME how to do Network Marketing  RIGHT.  

I actually had to UN-LEARN what I was taught by others, and RESET BACK TO LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS with the WorldProfit Silver Member Bootcamp Training.  You have an opportunity to substantially shorten YOUR LEARNING CURVE.

I WANT to help YOU if you are SERIOUS and willing to TREAT THIS LIKE A BUSINESS!  I will work with you with the LONG GAME in mind.  

Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EDT
Email: RichMoyer@WebcastSource.com


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No Better Way to Build a List of LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS than to GIVE THEM QUALITY CONTENT!!!

I have created huge lists of subscribers using NEWSLETTERS and eCourses delivered to their inbox.  Yep, literally THOUSANDS in my autoresponders just by creating QUALITY CONTENT.

Rich Moyer

Retired.  Successful Network Marketer, Business Consultant, Safelist Owner, Admin, and Programmer

+1 484-902-8819

You don't need to be a master copywriter to do this, in fact, the content for my first, and most popular newsletter I started over 7 years ago, Home Business Tips, was PURCHASED. It cost $350 as a Done-For-You project that included autoresponder, autoresponder setup, message installation, 1 year of hosting, a complete Wordpress Blog, and blog content.

You don't need all that, nor do you need to spend that kind of money.

Here is an opportunity to start your OWN SUBSCRIBER-GRABBING NEWSLETTERS for little more than the cost of a large pizza.

Yes, you WILL need an autoresponder, with lead capture pages, and I can recommend several, then all you need is CONTENT. I have THAT TOO!

People want CONTENT. They want to LEARN.

I get more subscribers from newsletters, marketing reports, and eCourses than any other source. I GIVE AWAY newsletter and eCourse subscriptions, and only SELL the copyrighted content so others get legal licensing to start their own newsletters.

Again, we are talking CHEAP.

Once these subscribers are on your list, you can suggest and recommend products and services that generate REVENUE FOR YOU!

How to Get Started

  • You will need an autoresponder
    • I recommend an UNLIMITED autoresponder system, because as your list grows, with many of the commercial autoresponder systems like Aweber and GetResponse, so does the cost.  While the 30 day free trial does sound attractive, and the $15 to $19 per month seems affordable, it does not take long before your costs skyrocket as your list grows.  Team Elite Home Businesses Gold allows unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, and unlimited landing pages for $7.95 per month (there are other plans that include huge traffic packages - maximum cost for Platinum is $21.95 per month)
    • Aweber is the go-to commercial autoresponder.  30 Day free trial, then $19 per month.  The price goes up after 400 subscribers.  Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • GetResponse is another go-to commercial autoresponder. 30 Day free trial, then $15 per month.  The price goes up after 1000 subscribers.  There are many projects (ie JVZoo products) tied directly to GetResponse with an API, which gives you access to many Done-For-You message campaigns. Allows you to turn off double-opt-in requirement
    • All-in-One-Profits - very basic but fully functional unlimited autoresponder.  Great pass-up affiliate program and lots of PLR, hosting, extras included.  ($11.45 per month)
  • I recommend having quality Lead Capture pages (also called squeeze pages, or landing pages).  With TeamEliteHomeBusinesses there is a huge library of Done-For-You templates, or a complete, easy to use, build-your-own landing page creator.  You can quickly create landing pages in minutes and connect them to your autoresponder message streams.
  • How-to, tips, and strategies for effective eMail Marketing
    • Email Marketing Effective Letters - Among the most crucial assets to making revenue online is having your own opt in list. To be more particular, a motivated opt in list that's responsive to your material. ($5.00)
    • Email Profiteers - Building a targeted mailing list and then broadcasting promotional based messages to a confirmed audience of subscribers. Make sense, right? You simply offer an opt-in incentive to potential subscribers to capture attention, add them to your list and start sending out advertisements and offers that they'll respond to. ($47.00  NOW $12.00)
  • QUALITY Newsletter or eCourse Content.  THIS is where the rubber meets the road.  Below is a selection of my recommended, affordable newsletter content packages.  My subscribers LOVE these!
    • BUY Internet Marketing Newsletters - Complete MRR Rights to this 25 letter newsletter  ($7.00 USD) View Sales Page  RECOMMENDED
    • BUY Newsletters In A Box - How to Get Fresh Copy And Paste Emails For Your Subscribers...Without Being A Writing Genius Or Fancy Product Creator. (NOW $10.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)   RECOMMENDED
    • BUY Unrestricted Marketing Articles - Use these 200 Unrestriced Articles to generate fresh traffic to any blog or website ($17.00 Reseller,  $7.00 PLR NOW $5.00) View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY Review 2 Profit - PRE-SELL Content That Blows The Pants Off Your Competitors And Sends You BIG FAT Commissions! It's Time You Cheated A Little And Grabbed My Reviews So You Can Pick Up Easy Commission From Products You've Never Even Bought! ($97.00 NOW $17.00) View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY Mega Money Emails - Now You Too Can Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot And Make MEGA Money With Your Own Profit-Pulling Auto-Responder Sequences With a Tested, Proven, And Verified System In As Little As 9 Minutes Or Less! ($37.00  NOW $17.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)
    • BUY 55 Clickbank Review Articles - These are custom reviews for each of the top 55 ClickBank products including the upcoming ones. All articles already have hoplinks to the Clickbank product, so all you have to do is to insert your own nickname, rather than having to go the marketplace and finding the product link. (NOW $11.00)  View Sales Website (You Get Full Website)   RECOMMENDED
    • ClickBank Passive Income - instead of selling it to customers, the software and training course are given away for free via a “secret web page”.  Now, when they request my product and become my new subscribers, I’ll continue to send them valuable training for free.  But found in each of the emails sent, there will be a promotion of an affiliate program where you’ll be able to make affiliate commission. And some times, I’ll send them product recommendations to buy too.  Premium members (one-time lifetime fee) get all the campaigns and followup messages that can be loaded into your autoresponder (Aweber required).   RECOMMENDED
    • 5 Figure Day - A Simple System that Reveals How To Start Adding 100 to 200 Targeted Subscribers Every Day to Your List (Aweber required).
    • CB Pro Ads - STOP Promoting LOW-PayingAffiliate Sites.  The earning potential with Clickbank® products is virtually limitless. Clickbank.com® offers almost 50 - 75% commissions on their vendor's product sales to their affiliates. The one-time lifetime upgrade ($32.95) gives you storefronts and user-targeted ad copy for the products!  Use THESE to build your autoresponder streams   RECOMMENDED
    • Team Easy Profit Academy - All-in-One-Profits Team Build complete with Done-For-You landing pages and campaigns.  One-time $10 (AIOP BASIC subscription Required) RECOMMENDED

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Copyright (c) 2018 Richard Moyer dba Spaho Consulting.  All Rights Reserved.