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Heads Up.  If you are looking for a program that WILL get you on the right track and generate commissions, stay tuned.  Your Success Advantage is launching in May, only a few weeks from now.  

Without a List, You Have No Network Marketing Business.
Without FOLLOWUP to Your List You Make No Money.

People rarely buy on first exposure to a product or service, in fact, it takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from...

Lead (curious)  to  Prospect (interested)   to   Potential Buyer (making buying decision)

They are looking for INFORMATION, not sales pitches.

By capturing that lead and doing the FOLLOWUP, YOU become the authority that provides that information and are positioned to make that sale when THEY are ready to make that buying decision!

Are you throwing stones at birds on a wire?

If you are just promoting affiliate pages without capturing those leads FIRST so you can provide that information, it is like you are throwing stones at birds on a wire...

You may or may not hit one, but one thing for sure, you will NEVER be able to contact any of them again!  When you only have one shot at converting that interest into a sale, you lose 97% of the opportunity.  

The solution is to keep communicating with the prospect. Keep helping them and building trust. When they are ready to buy, YOU will be the obvious person to buy from.

This means building a list, communicating to that list over time, adding lots of value to your subscribers, and presenting opportunities to them in a non-sleazy way.

However, only a small percentage of people are building lists. An even smaller percentage are communicating with them regularly to add value.

That is why so few of those who try to earn an online income ever make more than $100. They just aren't following the proven plan.

Usually they aren't following the plan because it takes time to build up the skills to get an effective lead capture and nurturing system going. You need lead capture pages, you need an autoresponder, you have to learn to use your autoresponder, you need to learn to write good email copy, you have to write the copy, and then you need to learn to sell while not looking like a salesperson.

It's no wonder so few people ever get to the point of mastering all those skills. It literally takes years.

That is why Matthew is  launching YourSuccessAdvantage in May.

YourSuccessAdvantage is the PROVEN PLAN that will get you on track.

Founding Partner Offers

There is no free level on this site. All members using the system are paid members. 

There are FOUR Founding Partner Levels Open Now.

(Click HERE to see the video that explains each level)

Platinum  $1000

Gold $500

Silver $250

Bronze $100 

Your Success Advantage is a completely new program which has a different goal than any of Matthew's other sites. It is designed to take your cold traffic, get them to opt-in, and then send them a series of emails that will get them to signup and upgrade in our program, where you earn commissions. Also in the email series are promotions for over 100 other programs, like auto-responders, safelists, solo ads, and other tools they use in their businesses.

The series of emails is based on the strategy of "know, like, and trust" and also gives you an opportunity to put your own emails into the sequence at different places to build your brand with the subscribers too. The sequence keeps going on as long as the member is subscribed. No auto responder is needed.

The system is designed to be able to eliminate all three hurdles that most beginning marketers face. 

  • ► The first is how to build a list

  • ► The second is what to email to my list

  • ► The third is what to sell to my list

This system does all three of those things. The member just needs to send traffic.

For more advanced marketers, you can tie in your own autoresponder, plus there are other optional features you can use to take conversions to a higher level. I recommend Getresponse or Aweber (use these links for a 30 day free trial)

This program is not a Safelist or Free Traffic oriented program. It is for anyone who want to earn an online income without having to become a marketing expert or technology whiz.

Members can use free traffic sources to promote their lead capture pages, but it is designed to have a much broader reach. Matthew will be running over $10,000 in paid advertising in the first 30 days after launch.  Facebook, Instagram, Solo Ads, YouTube, and Google will all be in the mix.

You can participate as a "hands-off" member, or use the tried and true resources to engage and promote.  It is up to you.  As with anything, the rewards YOU realize are in direct proportion to the effort YOU apply.  But, at any level, YOU WILL GET AN INCREDIBLE LIST and the downstream rewards that brings.  

Founding Partner Positions are still open. 

These benefits are exclusive to Platinum Founding Partners.

  • Lifetime Premium Membership at Your Success Advantage, but also get:

  • Lifetime Random Referrals from All Matthew's Promotions (Only Founding Members Get Random Referrals)

  • 500 Guaranteed Random Referrals Added to Your Email Funnel in YSA plus your Auto-Responder

  • Rotation in the back end pages plus emails of their referral links in over 100 different traffic programs and tools

  • Another 1,000 Guaranteed Prospects Added to Your Auto-Responder From Other Member's Promotions

  • Ongoing Random Referrals and Prospect Referrals for Life

  • Profit Sharing on All the Revenue from the Site

  • 1 Year of Unlimited Credits at All 17 of Matthew's Mailers (Email the Entire List Everyday Without Clicking)

  • 1 Year of Mentoring in Matthew's Quick Start Coach Mentoring Program

  • ► Matthew  will be running over $10,000 in paid advertising in the first 30 days after launch and giving all those signups to Founding Partners. 

Whether as a Founding Partner or program participant, this is an investment in YOUR future business.  You can participate at any level YOU would like.  

I personally have secured two Platinum Founding Partner positions.  When Founding Partner positions are gone, they will be closed forever.

This is as close you will ever get to the "Easy Button".  You will be seeing more on Your Success Advantage and the upcoming launch.  My advice, GET ON BOARD AS A FOUNDING PARTNER NOW!!!

How much money have you THROWN AWAY for programs based on HYPE and EMPTY PROMISES?  Why not INVEST in YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS with Your Success Advantage and commit to become a Founder Partner?

Click Here for my Special Founder Signup Page


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If you want an awesome deal that will deliver more traffic to your website or opportunity, more subscribers to your mailing list, and more commissions to your bank account .. then you can't lose here! 

Even better is to consider Premium Upgrades on these sites. As a Premium Member, you will get:

- Ability to email daily
- 1,000 Email Credits Per Day 
- Double Credits When You Click
- Random Referrals (10 Guaranteed)
- 50% Commissions
- Viral Passups from Your Referrals
- Extra Bonuses

- Connect your Getresponse or Aweber autoresponder

Check out my other TRUSTED RESOURCES.  Many have sign-up bonuses and promo codes.

Take ACTION to Supercharge Your Success.

  • Next Steps
  • Let me teach you how one simple change could build a MASSIVE List for YOU.
  • Let me teach you how to FOLLOW UP with your list!
Rich Moyer

As a Site Partner, Lifetime Pass holder, and Your Success Advantage Platinum Founding Partner,  I have demonstrated that I would not have committed my time, resources or funds to just any program. 

For those of us who were LISTENING, we have gone well beyond joining sites because they are just great mailers.  Matthew has shown us the long view, and has laid out a strategy and provided the tools.  Matthew is an enabler and he has shown us how to build and grow a BUSINESS in this highly competitive world of Network Marketing. 

For those of us who were paying attention, we have put his strategy into action.  I personally have added literally thousands to my list, have established an loyal audience, and realized the rewards.  Thanks Matthew.

-Rich Moyer

"Great places to promote and get CONVERSIONS. Great places to Earn. Top of My List."

- Thomas C

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This is MY RECIPE for Success 
for Monday's TRIPLE LAUNCH of
WebBizInsider, TopTierTraffic, and SplashPageSurfer
  • I have been on the leader boards for the recent "Your Viral Network" Site Launches Using THIS EXACT FORMULA!
    Get ready  - Triple Launch Coming Monday April 9th Noon EST

  • Join each site on this list of PROVEN, high conversion safelists. 
    • Start NOW to join
    • WRITE DOWN your affiliate information, links, and banner urls for each
    • Redeem any rewards or promo codes
    • Click ads to get credits in reserve so you can hit the ground running after launch

  • Join all the other Your Viral Network sites
    • If possible, UPGRADE to Premium ($18/quarter or $97 lifetime)
    • Click ads to get credits in reserve so you can hit the ground running after launch
  • Copy the swipe at  the bottom of this page to Notepad
    • Update with YOUR signature line (no URLs)

 Launch Day

  • Starting Monday at Noon, watch for the launch emails

  • Sign up for the three launch sites (URLs will be released Monday)

    • Wait for your affiliate page. THIS is what you will promote TODAY and the NEXT 3 DAYS
    • Upgrade to Premium at as many of the launch sites as possible
    • Do  NOT wait for the upgrade to process, or connecting your autoresponder.  Matthew will do this later and load your leads for you
  • Login to EACH traffic source above

  • Post a Solo or Credit Mail using the swipe provided (vary the subject lines)

  • Watch the leads accumulate! Let's Do This!
Other Places to Promote the Triple Launch
(Join these for free and PROMOTE these sites too)
Other Traffic Sources
Traffic Exchanges.  YOU can drive traffic to the rotator URL.  Simply cloak (with ViralURL) and use as the targeturl.  For this, I like traffic exchanges.  
Rotators and Blasters.  WorldProfit has some GREAT sources of traffic
  • WorldProfit-owned and other safelists
  • Not all ad types on safelist sites perform the same, so test them by placing 1-2 ads of each type (solo/credit mail, banner, button, textlink, login ad) then go back after several days to check those ads
  • Don't waste your time posting ads to sites
    • where ads are not quickly approved (within 24 hours)
    • where ads are not registering views or clicks within several days
Next Steps
  • Let me teach you how one simple change could build a MASSIVE List for YOU.
  • Let me teach you how to FOLLOW UP with your list!
Rich Moyer
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Three Sites Launching on One Day
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There is a whole new signup process to make it easy to join all 3 sites. Join on a sign-up page for one of these sites, and you will see an offer to join the other two sites.  One click joins all three sites.  That offer comes with an incentive.  
Why Upgrade to Premium?
You get...
 * Free Random Referrals
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Earn Your Premium Upgrade
If you are not yet Premium at the site you are promoting, then your first 5 referrals get "passed up" to your sponsor.  Once you have passed up 5 referrals, you get 90 days of Premium Membership.  You can earn full Premium Membership just by promoting your referral url.
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"I was a Founder/Co-Admin Member before I took over as Admin.  My Absolute Favorite Sites.  Great sites to Advertise.  Great Sites to Get Referrals.  Great Sites to Earn Commissions..."

-Rich Moyer

"Great places to learn. Great places to Earn. Top of My List."

- Thomas C

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